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Trinity County Eat Local Challenge 2014

Trinity County Eat Local Challenge 2014
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Did you participate in Trinity County's 2014 Eat Local Challenge in October?   Keep it up for the rest of the year!

Thank you for participating in our FOURTH annual Eat Local Challenge.  We hope we've inspired you to support local farms and food sources in a fun way all year 'round.   

But how can I eat locally?

Click Here for useful hints and information!

Join us for a fun Local Food Hunt challenge.  

Complete as much as you can of the Food Hunt.  Test your ability to find local food sources and think outside the grocery store "box". Congratulations to the winner of the 2014 Food Hunt Gift Basket - Tamila Medinnus of Lewiston.

click HERE to download your Food Hunt

What is an Eat Local Challenge and why should I participate?

We're challenging you to learn more about where your food comes from and asking you to buy as much as you can that is produced by local farms, ranches and other sources.  Why?  Because it supports the local economy, reduces the transportation and environmental costs of moving food around the world, and helps ensure future food security.  Fresh food loses nutrients as it ages, so local in-season food can be more nutritious.  Try it!

You can be as committed as you like.  Hardcore locavores might pledge to eat only locally harvested products this week.  Or you can try eating locally harvested foods for all meals with minor exceptions for the things that you can't live without, like coffee, tea, chocolate or spices.  Maybe you'll allow yourself a loophole for locally processed foods like grains or beer.  Or just stick your toe in the water and try incorporating a local ingredient into each meal.  It's all up to you.