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Trinity's ranches are located in scenic mountain valleys.  Local ranchers offer direct sales of grass-fed beef, or meat and dairy goats. Many small farms also offer poultry and poultry products.
The following ranches have livestock or meat products available for purchase:

Big Creek Ranch sells grass-fed beef raised on lush pastures in the Hayfork Valley.  Buy a wide assortment of cuts at Hayfork Discount Groceries in the Frontier Village on Hwy 3. 


Mud Ranch Jacobs in Lewiston offers a dual purpose heritage breed of sheep called Jacob Sheep.  They are a multi-horned animal that come in a spotted pattern of black and white,  or the more rare color lilac and white.  Both ewes and rams can have two to six horns, two and four being most common.  We generally lamb in February and have registered breeding stock available, as well as locker lamb.  The Jacob's meat is very lean and full of flavor!  We used to not like eating lamb until we had Jacob, now it is our favorite meat.  Also available is hand-spinning fleeces, yarn, and roving for spinning, and washable pelts sheepskins.  We have a website at, as well as a Facebook page at, and an Etsy shop at  All animals are raised without the use of pesticides and chemicals.  Please contact Joan for more information at